Helping Girls GROW to Their Full Potential

What does Growing Wings offer?

Growing Wings (GW) sets high expectations for girls and provides opportunities and resources to help make these expectations a reality. A guiding principle of GW is to do whatever is needed to position girls for success, although the strategies vary somewhat by youth.  At the same time, GW has core components, including:

  • Multi-year mentoring relationships:  All participants are matched with an adult mentor in advance of their sixth grade year, and ideally this relationship continues through the transition to college/vocational preparation.  Mentors and mentees spend four to eight hours together each month meeting individually and attending GW activities.
  • Monthly group events:  The activities vary, but always include exposure to local cultural, skill-based, educational, recreational, and community offerings.  They provide a window to the world of possibility and access to people, places, and resources as a means to help close the opportunity gap.
  • Academic Support:  We work closely with parents and schools to ensure the girls have appropriate resources to support their academic success.  This includes college preparation and planning.
  • Summer enrichment:  Through academic and athletic camps, we help ensure the girls have engagement opportunities even when school is not in session.

Who does Growing Wings serve?

GW has the most to offer girls in situations where they have limited time with other adults outside of school, few extra-curricular opportunities, are living in families experiencing some type of stress, and are surrounded by the effects of economic strain.